MIT Clinical and Applied Machine Learning Group

We develop machine learning techniques with clinical inspiration and real-world relevance. Our current research touches on computer vision, fairness, optimization and causality in networks.


Principal Investigator

Research Scientists

PhD Students

Lab Alumni


Amy Zhao (Oculus)
Guha Balakrishnan (postdoc @ MIT)
Joel Brooks (Righthand Robotics)
Jen J. Gong (postdoc @ Berkeley)
Yun Liu (Google)
Anima Singh (Google)
Zeeshan Syed (University of Michigan and Google)

Gartheeban Ganeshapillai (BlackRock)
Jenna Wiens (University of Michigan)
Alaa Kharbouch (Verizon Big Data Analytics Group)
Asfandyar Qureshi (Google)
Eugene Shih (Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Inc.)
Ali Shoeb (Google)


Udgam Goyal
Courtney Guo
Advaith Anand
Yasyf Mohemedali
Akhil Nistala
Maryann Gong
Akhil Nistala

Visiting Students

Leo Lin (Wistron)

Current Projects

VoxelMorph: Unsupervised Learning for Image Registration

VoxelMorph is a fast, unsupervised, learning-based framework for deformable, pairwise medical image registration. VoxelMorph combines a probabilistic model with unsupervised learning that makes use of recent developments in convolutional neural networks (CNNs). This results in state of the art accuracy and very fast runtimes, while providing diffeomorphic guarantees and uncertainty estimates.

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Anatomical Priors in Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Segmentation

In this project we specifically address the frequent scenario where we have no (or very few) paired training data that contains images and their manual segmentations. We explore generative probabilistic models that employ priors learned from external data through convolutional neural networks, enabling segmentations in unsupervised or semi-supervised settings.

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Unsupervised Data Imputation

In this project we focus on unsupervised estimation of missing image data, where no full observations are available - a common situation in practice. Unsupervised imputation methods for images often employ a simple linear subspace to capture correlations between data dimensions, ignoring more complex relationships. Instead, we work with a general probabilistic model that describes sparse high dimensional imaging data as being generated by a deep non-linear embedding.

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Recent News

Producing better guides for medical-image analysis

With their model, researchers were able to generate on-demand brain scan templates of various ages (pictured) that can be used in medical-image analysis to guide disease diagnosis. Read on MIT News →

Recovering “lost dimensions” of images and video

A novel model developed at MIT recovers valuable data lost from images and video that have been “collapsed” into lower dimensions. It can, for instance, recreate video from motion-blurred images or from cameras that capture people’s movement around corners as vague one-dimensional lines. Read on MIT News →

Using machine learning to estimate risk of cardiovascular death

Using just the first 15 minutes of a patient's electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, an MIT system produces a score that places patients into different risk categories. Read on MIT News →

Recent Publications


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